The last messages for April

We hope that many worshipers will come to know the elevated thoughts of th e noble souls who gave up their lives for the country that they loved. The last messages that they composed are displayed on the Jinja display. We present here the last messages displayed for this month.

My Last Message

My Last Writing Just Before My Mission

I offer this respectfully.
I am finally setting out and will plunge into my target.
Since I have requested the method to send my belongings, I believe that they will arrive soon.
I have also requested that a wire-transfer be sent to you.
Please happily accept my belongings.
If there is an official telegram, please celebrate it with red bean rice.
Please forgive me for this hasty writing.

April 2, 1945

Naval Aviation Petty Officer, First Class
Hyoji Ueda

Hyoji Ueda Mikoto         
Ensign, Japanese Navy
Killed in Action on April 16, 1945, in the Seas Near Okinawa Prefecture
Born in Amarube-mura, Ibo-gun, Hyogo Prefecture
Age: 23

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