The last messages for September

We hope that many worshipers will come to know the elevated thoughts of th e noble souls who gave up their lives for the country that they loved. The last messages that they composed are displayed on the Jinja display. We present here the last messages displayed for this month.

Last Words

I deeply regret that for more than thirty years I was looked after in many ways and I must part before having done a single filial duty for you.

Nevertheless, my life has been offered to His Majesty°« sake. Shigeo will die for the sake of the Japanese Empire. I console myself in the fact that this is at least an act of filial piety. Please rejoice in that fact.

Father, because of your age I ask that you not strain yourself.
Please consult about Hanae°«s matter with Kamuro. I ask that you enable Hanae°«s wishes to be realized. There is nothing more that I have to say.

Finally, I pray for Father°«s health.
Long life to His Majesty the Emperor!
July 27, 1941

Shigeo Kubo Mikoto
Corporal, Japanese Army
Killed in Action on September 13, 1944, in Baram, Eastern New Guinea
Born in Yuasa-cho, Arida-gun, Wakayama Prefecture
Age: 35

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