The last messages for September

We hope that many worshipers will come to know the elevated thoughts of th e noble souls who gave up their lives for the country that they loved. The last messages that they composed are displayed on the Jinja display. We present here the last messages displayed for this month.

As I Enlist in the Army

With the preliminaries aside, as I enlist in the army, I believe that this joy is not mine alone, but the joy of the entire family. As I enlist in the army, I deeply impress upon myself the spirit of the Five Article Imperial Mandate, namely, the Field Service Code, and I am determined to give my single-minded devotion, despite my poor abilities, to fulfill my loyalty and patriotism.
It is because of this, as I set out, I am resolved to not return alive. Even if my remains do not return, I ask that you do not worry. And during the times when there are no letters from me, please believe that I am in good spirits and hard at work….
Older Sisters, I ask that you work hard, protect Father and Mother, raise your children well, and build a cheerful and fine home that is worthy of a family of an Imperial soldier. This is my request to you.
At this time of national emergency, for us to be able to return even a ten-thousandth of the Imperial favor is the highest glory. I go off in high spirits.
Finally, I pray that beginning with our parents, Older Sisters and everyone, will certainly live in good health.

Respectfully yours, 
Night of March 16, 1944 Satoru
To: My Entire Family

Long Live His Majesty the Emperor!
Long Live the Great Empire of Japan!

Satoru Kawatoko Mikoto           
Sergeant, Japanese Army
Killed in Action on January 7, 1945, in Luzon Island, Philippines
Born in Chiran-cho, Kawanabe-gun, Kagoshima Prefecture
Age: 23

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