The last messages for October

We hope that many worshipers will come to know the elevated thoughts of th e noble souls who gave up their lives for the country that they loved. The last messages that they composed are displayed on the Jinja display. We present here the last messages displayed for this month.

From the Philippines

Today the ceremony to worship from afar was held for the Yasukuni Jinja festival.
It rained for the entire day, which is unusual for the continual summer of the Philippines, and it was cool like the autumn of the Japanese mainland.

Well, from my last writing, as usual, I have been working in good spirits.
As you know Manila has been bombed several times and the enemy is hanging about the Philippines.
Yet if we firmly believe in our victory, there is no need for surprise now, and I am working daily with a calm state of mind.

I believe it is about the time when the autumn winds blow on the mainland.
I pray that you take care of your health and protect the home front with increasingly good spirits.

Please also extend my best regards to Mr. Igarashi and the neighborhood association.

October 23

To: Mitsuko

Sutezo Ishizaka Mikoto
Army Civil Administrator
Killed in Action on December 14, 1944, in Subic Bay, Philippines
Born in Fuya-cho, Shibata-shi, Niigata Prefecture
Age: 37

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