The last messages for June

We hope that many worshipers will come to know the elevated thoughts of th e noble souls who gave up their lives for the country that they loved. The last messages that they composed are displayed on the Jinja display. We present here the last messages displayed for this month.

I Will Eternally Protect His Majesty°«s Nation

The saying that all living things must die and those who meet must part is always in my heart.

I cast myself into military service, as a naval aviator, to eternally protect the land of my ancestors, and to repay the sacred debt of gratitude for having being born as a man of Japan, in the Empire of the rising sun. For someone who sought to be an air ace at the young age of ten, from the start, I have intended to die in service.

Nevertheless, my long-cherished desire is to scatter in the deep blue sky of the Pacific while congratulating the long reign of the Emperor.

What I daily pray for to the gods and Buddha is solely: °»Allow me to be a fine man who has worked well for the Empire of Japan.°… (portion omitted)

After scattering in the sky, I remain as a white cloud
And eternally protect His Majesty°«s nation.
Written on New Year°«s Day, 1942,

Hajime Tsuji Mikoto
Aviation Petty Officer First Class, Japanese Navy
Killed in Action on July 24, 1943, in the Seas East of Honshu
Born in Tomioka-machi, Naka-gun, Tokushima Prefecture
Age: 21

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