My Last Message

To my younger brother Susumu,
Susumu! Your brother is going off to war. We will never meet again.
Susumu! When you hear of my death, my responsibilities are now on your shoulders. Be filial to Father and Mother and become a fine person. Set up a tombstone for me. My last wish is that while I know you will not face hardships, I ask that you live a noble life. Rise above all difficulties and look after Father and Mother. From now you will go out into the world. Advance forward step by step.
To my younger sister Tomiko, I am worried because you want things your own way. A woman°«s path is to simply advance steadfastly. You must not be defeated by your illness. Do not lose yourself in a love affair. Your responsibility is great. It is because of you that Father is worried. Speak openly with him about all things. Father is not unreasonable. Get well soon and marry into a fine family. I want to see how you look once more but I leave without doing so. I will be happily applauding you on your wedding day from some where beneath the earth.

Seiichi Fukuda Mikoto
Infantry Corporal, Japanese Army
Killed in Action on March 10, 1939 in Hunan Province, China
Born in Kurahashijima-mura, Aki-gun, Hiroshima Prefecture
Age: 25