Upon Leaving for the Front

Father, Mother, Younger Brother, Younger Sister, and my town and school, who looked after me for many years, I say good-bye.
I am truly grateful. Thank you for putting up with my willfulness.
I want to live happily together with all of you for so much longer and forever. I enjoyed my studies and I must thoroughly return your kindnesses. In the spring, the spring breezes danced in the city°«s skies. Didn°«t we play together at the riverside? In the summer there was the festival of the tutelary kami. Sacred dances and music were everywhere. I yearn for the old days. When fall came didn°«t we go to pick susuki grasses for the moon-watching party? Who was it that stumbled at that time? We were overjoyed when it snowed and we went outside for a snowball fight. How I long for those days.
I want to live happily with all of you forever. Even if we disagreed or quarreled, in our hearts we were always together. Nevertheless, I believe that before being a member of this happy family, I must not forget that I am a Japanese.
Japanese, Japanese. Within my blood is the breath of our ancestors that have been passed on for 3,000 years....
His Majesty°«s command. The blood of the Japanese grows hot. Japan, the land of my ancestors, may you prosper eternally.
Good-bye everyone. I leave for the front in good spirits.

December 10, 1943

Taro Tsukamoto Mikoto
Lieutenant, Japanese Navy
Killed in Action in the Central Pacific on January 21, 1945
Born in Ryugasaki-cho, Inashiki-gun,, Ibaragi Prefecture
Age: 22