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More than twenty years have passed since I was born a man of the Japanese Empire. For a man there is no greater ambition than to participate in high spirits in this holy war of the Empire....
The blessings of my parents, who loved me both publicly and privately, is so extremely deep that I cannot find the words to sufficiently express my thanks. To your profound and deep love I can only offer my sincerest gratitude.
It is only natural that you would want me to return home safely without harm than to achieve success in war, and any parent would earnestly pray both day and night for this. I would also like to live in peace, look after my health and return home happily and devote myself to my filial duties. This is my sincere desire. Nevertheless, the gravity of the times is exceedingly large and does not allow that a single life remain idle.
I have decided that to offer my sincere loyalty to His Majesty is indeed my filial piety. I have discarded all my personal interests and I am resolved to take up arms without worry about my family. I am fortunate to have many siblings and while I regret that I cannot fulfill my duties as an older brother, I sincerely hope that they will be dutiful to you.
While death may not always be thought of as an act of loyalty, I set out with the intention of offering my life. I am determined to never return.
Please look after my affairs.

Written on June 10, 1943 at Kowakidani, Hakone

Shinji Furuya Mikoto
Lieutenant Commander, Japanese Navy
13th Naval Preparatory Student
708th Aviation Attack Squadron
Killed in Action on May 11, 1945 in the Nansei Islands
Born in Shinmachi, Kyohashi-ku, Tokyo Metropolis
Age: 23