To Father and Mother,

(Earlier portion omitted) I am sincerely grateful for having raised me and for all the other blessings that I have received from you. I have no regrets. I am sorry for not returning even a small portion of the kindnesses that you showered upon me. I have been most undutiful. It was so generous of you to raise the willful person that I am, and I can only tearfully ask for your forgiveness.
There is no way of knowing our fate after boarding our ship. I am resolved to do my very best until the end.
This might be my final letter to you. Father and Mother, please keep well and work in good spirits.
I hope that I can write to you again after reaching our destination and that I can receive a package of some vegetables grown by Mother.
Please give my best regards to Older Brother, Older Sister and Mineko, and remember me to Haruo too.
September 25, 1944
In Hakata

Fumio Tsunoda Mikoto
First Lieutenant, Japanese Army
Died From War Wounds in Baguio, Luzon Island, Philippines on September 9, 1945
Born in Oaza Ina, Ina-shi, Nagano Prefecture
Age: 25