I Dreamed of Mother

It saddens me somewhat to not know when this letter will reach you. Nevertheless, I am inspired to write to you because my memories about the skies of Japan move me so deeply that I am taken aback. I used to think that war was simply to engage in a deadly fight, but having passed through bombs and shells many times, I now feel that there is ultimately something more precious than death. Far greater than the immediate problem of a deadly fight is the fact that in the will or deep emotion at the boundary between life and death my momentary life seems indescribably precious.
While I cannot describe it as being something so grand as my mission. I want to put up a meaningful fight in what remains of my life.
I haven”Ēt written to you for quite some time, but I can only ask for your forgiveness because of the circumstances. I am in extremely good spirits, full of energy and working with zeal, so please rest assured....
This morning I dreamed of Mother while dozing off for about 5 minutes and that is why I was filled with joy for the entire day.
I close by praying for your good health from far away.

To Father and Everyone

Akio Ikeda Mikoto
Seaman Recruit, Japanese Navy
Killed in Action in the Solomon Islands on October 18, 1942
Born in Higashi Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Prefecture
Age: 24