My Final Words

How have things been since then?
Aviation is after all the best, isn°«t it? You°«ll soon know this when you get into a plane. Be sure to do you best.
I too have been in training while looking over the grand sight of Sakurajima in Kagoshima, but it has now become a dream island of fond memories. The skies are a man°«s place. The fighters of the Hayabusa squadron take off for the south one after another with their pilots holding their prized sword....
The age of combat, namely, air combat, is the very time for the men to Japan to be in the skies. The fighter planes are indeed the frontline for national defense, and their flight crews are truly national treasures. In this regard, our family is a family of the skies and I am really proud of them.
I am counting on you immensely, my excellent brothers, to quickly develop your abilities, become skilled pilots and follow me to the skies. Do your best.

April 29, 1944
To: Masayuki and Susumu

Shinya Ozaki Mikoto
Lieutenant Commander, Japanese Navy
Killed in Action in the Direction of the Mariana Islands on June 19, 1944
Born in Sumida-cho, Mukojima-ku, Tokyo Metropolis
Age: 25