I Am Living the Eternal Great Cause

Stop your useless grieving.
I am living the eternal great cause with a smile.
The raising of children and grandchildren is the duty of a wife and a mother. As I said to you when I was in this world, please educate our child of our fine country. If it is a boy bring him up to enter the military academy. If it is a girl make careful arrangements when she reaches the marriageable age so that she will be the wife of a happy home. Use the remaining fortune well and do not neglect our child°«s education.
Sincerely carry out the filial duties to Father and Mother on my behalf. From among our fortune please give Father and Mother five thousand yen°ń.
Think of our child as being me and also the treasure of the nation. Be severe at times and at other times be kind and loving.

Sincerely yours,

Yoshio Nakayama
August 23, 1944

Yoshio Nakayama Mikoto
Warrant Officer, Japanese Army
Killed in the Line of Duty on January 10, 1946 in the Soviet Union
Born in Sakurakawa-cho, Shiba Nishikubo, Minato-ku, Tokyo Metropolis
Age: 34