I Will Return to the Shrine of Yasukuni

Father and Mother,
(Earlier portion omitted)
It is the highest honor for Hiroaki to be born as a son of Japan, to be a soldier and to be ready to lay down his life for his country during the Empire’s present emergency….
While I know that I will return to the shrine of Yasukuni after brilliant achievements in war, it is my greatest joy if you are pleased by my feats in arms and offer incense for your loyal and dutiful son…. In this critical hour for the country when there is no time to snatch a moment of ease, I am sure that your hardships are great in number. Hiroaki’s soul will forever protect the Imperial palace and also you both. Please be strong. At this belated hour I have nothing more to say to you. From the faraway southern ocean I am praying for your good health.

Hiroaki Iwamura Mikoto     Lieutenant Colonel, Japanese Army
Killed in Action on February 21, 1945 in New Guinea
Born in Mutsuai-mura, Hiraga-gun, Akita Prefecture
Age: 28