Please Find a Good Companion

Kiyoko, this is the last time that I write to you as your husband.
While our time together was short, you were a gentle wife.
I am thankful for having been married to you….
It somehow troubles me that this is my last letter to you although we had exchanged eternal vows.
Yet it is an honor for me to meet my end as His Majesty’s shield.
It pains me to think that you will already be called a widow after our short life together, and I cannot rest in peace.
We, however, were prepared for this and we should accept it as our destiny.
There is no happiness to continue to live as a young widow.
I therefore ask that you please find a good companion.
If you will only live a happy life I will never regret whatever means you choose to succeed….
I pray that you will enjoy good health.


May 3, 1944

                                           Kashimi Ito

Kashimi Ito Mikoto
Corporal, Medical Corps, Japanese Army
Killed in Action on July 18, 1944 in the Mariana Islands
Born in Nagura-mura, Kitashitara-gun, Aichi Prefecture
Age: 26