My Mind Is Like a Bright Moon


At long last the time for my final message to you has come. I sincerely apologize for not having done a single thing to allow Father and you to rest assured in the twenty-one years of my life. The very time to return your great blessings to me has come. Fusanori°«s once in a lifetime service to the country is his sole act of filial piety to you. I go off to die in battle with a smile on my face.
Who will save the land of our ancestors from this emergency? It is we the young flight crews. We will die in the skies as the greatest of men. To live the eternal great cause is indeed the long-cherished desire of a son of Japan and there is no greater purpose°ń.
The cherry blossoms are now in full bloom. I will go to my death like that flower of Japan is scattered by the breeze. My mind is like a bright moon. I go to my end in a state of purity of body and mind like a year-old child°ń.
When you receive word of my death, please rejoice in the fact that Fusanori has certainly died while striking the enemy°«s aircraft carrier. I go to my death in a state of purity of mind and body.
(Remainder omitted)

Fusanori Jizodao Mikoto
Aviation Senior Chief Petty Officer, Japanese Navy
Killed in Action on June 4, 1945 in the Nansei Islands
Born in Ninomiya-mura, Naka-gun, Shimane Prefecture