To My Favorite Mother

Mother, Shintaro°«s favorite Mother.
Please smile. You must never cry. Shintaro fought splendidly. A good portion of that credit is yours.
Behind my actions was your gentle figure which always encouraged me. Even if I should fall in battle upon a beautiful, nameless wild flower, or find my grave in the deep blue of the shining South Seas, I sleep peacefully as though lying in your bosom. Even if you did not say a word, I was always content to just see your face.
Mother°«s paper charm, filled with your loving thoughts, was with me to the very end. I have nothing more to say. Mother, Shintaro°«s favorite Mother, there are many people who also gave up their only son for the country. Please live with strength and appiness in your heart. My prayers are with you. I will follow Uncle°«s path. I go off to battle knowing that able-bodied soldiers are following our footsteps. Japan is certain to win.
Love live the Great Japanese Empire!
Long live His Majesty the Emperor!
To Mother

Shintaro Iga Mikoto
First Lieutenant, Japanese Army
Killed in Action on July 16, 1944 in the Seas North of Luzon Island, Philippines
Born in Yodobashi-ku, Tokyo Metropolis
Age: 26