I Will Certainly Return to Your Side

(Earlier portion omitted)
For the long, long time of twenty-five years I have caused you nothing but worry. It is my greatest regret that I could not give you a moment of peace of mind. I wanted to do that at least once. Nevertheless, Tomiichi has become a full-fledged man.
The moment to give you the final peace of mind is now indeed approaching and there is joy and courage in my heart….
At this belated hour I have nothing to regret. With only gratitude, joy and courage I go straight into the skies of the decisive battle to destroy the enemy. Mother, please congratulate me.
Mother, even if my body does not come back, my heart will certainly return to your side. I will go back to the skies above my hometown that is surrounded by lush green mountains. And let us all defend Japan together….


To: Mother

Tomiichi Fujii Mikoto
First Lieutenant, Japanese Army
Killed in Action on August 6, 1945 in the Direction of Okinawa
Born in Ando-mura, Ikoma-gun, Nara Prefecture
Age: 25