The Time to Die for the Japanese Empire Has Come

The time to die for the Japanese Empire has finally come. There is no greater long-cherished desire for a soldier. It has been seven years since we pledged to grow old together and while our life has not been free of reversals, I am grateful to you for sincerely supporting me. At this time I am recording my instructions to you for your future and also my parting words.

1. Raise Hiroaki well and have him continue his father”Ēs heart”Ēs desires.
2. Devote yourself to our filial duties to Mother.
3. Do not refrain from remarrying if there is a good match.
4. Health is most important. Deal with things with sincerity.
5. When Hiroaki is old enough given him the separate document to encourage himself.
Trueheartedness in looking up to Mother and raising her child
is indeed the virtue of a woman of Japan, who exceeds a man.

At the time of the general attack on Zhabei, Shohei.

To: Takako

Shohei Nakata Mikoto
Lieutenant, Japanese Navy
Killed in Action on September 21, 1944 in the Vicinity of Manila Bay, Philippines
Born in Taneda-mura, Higashitonami-gun, Toyama Prefecture
Age: 42