Let Us Meet at Yasukuni Shrine

To bloom is good, to scatter is also good. Sakura blossoms
Father, Mother, please rejoice. Isao has found a good, fine place to die. Today is the final day. The fate of our Empire depends on this single battle. I die in the skies of the South Seas in the decisive battle of Great East Asia.
I will be His Majesty’s shield, and beginning with our squad leader, I will die gallantly, be reborn seven times and destroy our arch rival, America and England. Oh, is there any greater long-cherished desire for a man?...
You raised me well for twenty-three years. I am most grateful to you.
Now is the time to return your kindness. Please praise Isao for dying honorably for the Empire. Among my siblings I was truly the happiest. I am very happy. Please allow Young Brother to also serve the country as a fine soldier. I ask that you do so. I have nothing to regret.
Father, Mother, I will next return to you in a plain wood box. Let us meet at Yasukuni shrine. Thank you for your love and kindness for so many years….

To Father and Mother


Isao Matsuo Mikoto     Ensign, Japanese Navy
Killed in Action on October 27, 1944 in the Direction of the Philippines
Born in Ainomachi, Minami-takaki-gun, Nagasaki Prefecture
Age: 24