I Was Poor at Singing

1. I was poor at singing.
The one B on my report card°Ĺ
You can°«t imagine my chagrin.
When I was practicing,
Mother kindly taught me how to sing.
2. We siblings were all poor at singing.
During the singing period
Myself and also Younger Brother and Younger Sister
Were told to °»stop singing°… by everyone and the teacher,
Who laughed while seeing us crying as we sang.
3. It is twelve years since I left my hometown.
I sit by the window in the cold, windy jail
And listen to the sounds of the insects and watch the moon.
When I sang of how I yearn for dear Mother,
Everyone listened with tears in their eyes.
4. If Mother heard this song of mine,
She would surely happily snuggle me
And praise me saying:
°»You°«ve become a good singer. What a fine child you are.°…

(June 3, 1948)

Genji Sato Mikoto
Sergeant Major, Military Police, Japanese Army
Judicial Death on September 22, 1948 in Batavia, Java
Born in Iwate Prefecture
Age: 32