Last Message

I was born in the Japanese Empire and lived a comfortable and leisurely life for more than twenty years amid Heaven°«s blessings. There is no other way to return the Emperor°«s vast, far-reaching and profound benevolence than through my death. Yoshihisa has received an important mission and I felt very small and awkward and I trembled with happiness for the honor.
While there are no more than are few lines, I have never felt the weight of the Imperial command as I feel it today. I do not expect to return alive and I ask that you will forgive me for the unfortunate sin of dying before you.
I caused you repeated worry as a thin child with legs as skinny as a crane and many a time you used a mixture that included the water of the washed rice to chase out the curse of illness from me.
Yoshihisa°«s whole-heartedness of today is the fruit of your efforts.
I hope that Older Brother, Older Sister and my younger brothers and sisters will make up for my debt of gratitude and be a loyal subject and dutiful son on my behalf.
If this war would last a hundred years, our loyalty must be equal to that of Masashige Kusunoki and our filial piety the filial piety of Sontoku Ninomiya.
I hope that you will extend my best regards to my long-time acquaintances. Moreover, I feel most sorry for the bereaved families of the several hundred young and fine men under me. I hope you will deeply apologize to them on my behalf.
Finally, I respectfully pray for the long life of the Japanese Empire.

October 1944 Yoshihisa

Father and Mother

My happiness is to single-heartedly take into myself the crimson color in the far away sky.

Yoshihisa Matsueda Mikoto
Lieutenant, Japanese Navy
Killed in Action on February 20, 1945 in the sea off Corregidor, Philippines
Born in Fukuoka Prefecture
Age: 24