Please Cry For As Long As Tears Come From Your Eyes

Mitsuo has applied to be a naval preparatory student and as an applicant scheduled for acceptance I will be setting out from our hometown one week later°ń.
People say that there is no reason to volunteer for the most dangerous aviation duty after having advanced to the university. Nevertheless, the university is not for the sake of advancement in life. There is no university without our homeland of Japan and there is no home without the homeland°ń. People say that there no reason for just one person called Mitsuo to volunteer. However, if everyone thought this way at the end there would be no one left to defend the country°ń.
To save the homeland from its emergency, Mitsuo rushes to the front bravely as a man°«s long-cherished desire°ń.
When time comes to die Mitsuo will cry out °»Long live His Majesty the Emperor! Long live the Great Japanese Empire!°… Immediately, I will call out °»Mother!°… in my mind. While I will call out in my mind, I will do so in a way that Mother alone will hear me°ń.
Please cry for as long as you wish where no one is nearby. While Father might become angry, its perhaps only because he wants to cry but is pretending to not do so because he is a man. Do worry about such things and please cry together for as long as tears come from your eyes°ń.
How can I repay Mother who lovingly devoted her lifetime for Mitsuo°«s future?

(Remainder omitted)

September 1, 1943 Written on the second floor of XX

To Father and Mother

Mitsuo Hashimoto Mikoto
Lieutenant, Japanese Navy
Killed in Action on March 11, 1945 in the eastern seas of Indochina
Born in Fukushima Prefecture
Age: 26