If I Should Die

If I should die I will be buried under the green grass with little mossy stones placed over me and I will forever silently watch the quiet come and go of the clouds in the blue skies.
There is no sadness or joy there. How nostalgic and pleasant this abode.
The white clouds float silently across the sky and storms rage at times, the trees above my head shake, and one morning a nameless little bird comes and sings. When spring comes, green sprouts with red lining push out from the ground and lift up the earth above my head, and countless red flower petals will flutter about the stones placed over me.
The flower petals cover the ground above me, and, by and by, when autumn comes the dead leaves will dot the earth by the day.
It is neither pleasant nor sad to be there. I will probably be in a long sleep quietly beneath the ground.
How so nostalgic!
The nostalgic earth with a dark and damp smell where, after all, my grandfather and great-grandfather and generation after generation of my ancestors sleep quietly—in that fragrance there is the nostalgia of Japan, and beneath its skies, with mossy stones placed over me, I will probably be listening daily to the wind blowing to the heavens.
At times a seasonable rain will fall and at another time white snow will cover the earth beautifully.
How so nostalgic!
While resting quietly within the earth of Japan where my forefathers sleep, I want to forever look out over the land.
My sole wish: May I die in spring under the flowers

in February, when the moon is full.

Hiroshi Yamakawa Mikoto

Second Lieutenant, Japanese Army
Killed in Action on August 11, 1945 in the Heito-Higashi Airfield, Taiwan
Born in Gifu Prefecture
Age: 28