My Last Message

First, as an industrial warrior it goes without saying that I proceed to the Philippines at this time when the actual war situation is such that the Empire is faced with an unprecedented emergency, and it is because I am going, I set out with resolve that is in no way different from a soldier. If I should have the good fortune of safely arriving at my post, with the trueheartedness to die for my country, I will wholeheartedly and increasingly exert myself. I hardly need to say that Father daily prays for your safety and that you will grow up in good health. Father should be able to return to see your dear and cheerful faces after serving three years in the Philippines. Nevertheless, as long as the war situation does not conclude advantageously, I might not return for years. Yet during the time that I am away, listen carefully to what Mother, Grandfather and Grandmother tell you, act up to your words and study hard to become fine people. This is my sole prayer. In addition, above you at anytime and all places, Father°«s soul, which you cannot see, is always protecting you°ń.

Before leaving for the Philippines.

August 6, 1944

From Father

Ichiro Otaki Mikoto
Private First Class, Japanese Army
Killed in Action on June 14, 1945 in the Philippines
Born in Tokyo Metropolis