I Respectfully Say to the Divine Souls of Yasukuni Shrine

I respectfully say to the Divine souls of Yasukuni Shrine,
I have received my discharge order today. What could I possibly say to you, the Divine souls of Yasukuni, who believed in the certain victory of the Empire and thoroughly carried out your important duty of defending it? I simply regret that I was unable to fulfill my obligations to the Empire and I apologize through my own death.
Iwao Kondo, Sergeant, Military Police, Japanese Army

My Last Words
I respectfully say to my parents,
I have received my discharge order today. Unavoidable circumstances prevented me from returning home. I am terribly mortified. Many of my fellow soldiers have gone before me. Without having fulfilled my long-cherished desire as a soldier how could I return home at this belated hour? Please understand how I feel.
As a soldier and to advance on the great path of my convictions, I have resolved to die. Please forgive me.
It is more than twenty-four years since I came into this world. I am sincerely grateful to you for your troubles to raise me. I ask that you train my remaining two younger brothers well to devote themselves to the protection of the Empire.
Please take good care of yourselves.

August 18, 1945

To: Father and Mother

Iwao Kondo Mikoto
Sergeant, Military Police, Japanese Army
Suicide From a Sense of Responsibility on August 19, 1945 in Tokyo Metropolis
Born in Aichi Prefecture
Age: 22