May You Be Happy and Enjoy Peace of Mind

On September 18, 1931, the Manchurian Incident broke out.
The regiment (78th Infantry Regiment) of Private First Class Koyama was ordered to the front.
They departed from Yongsan Station at noon of the next day.
While standing by at Sinuiju, Private First Class Koyama wrote this short message to his father in his hometown.

I am daily training myself and striving to heighten my spirits as a soldier. As a praiseworthy Imperial army soldier, I offer my body to our sovereign and country, and I will never engage in cowardly conduct that tarnishes the name of our family and village. May you be happy and enjoy peace of mind.

This message reached his father, Kosuke, on September 24.
On the early morning of the very next day, the Private First Class became a guardian god of the state.
(FromManshu Jihen Chuyu Bidan [Splendid Tales of Loyalty and Bravery During the Manchurian Incident])

Torauemon Koyama Mikoto

Private First Class, Infantry, Japanese Army
Killed in Action on September 25, 1931, Near Mukden, Mukden Province Manchuria
Born in Kikitsu-mura, Nagasaki Prefecture
Age: 21