My Soul Lives Forever

The time to die has finally come.
The time of the greatest honor for a soldier of the Japanese Empire has come.
From now I will go to heaven.
When I think about it, it has been more than twenty years since I received life in this world. It was a short and yet long lifeˇÄ.
I am also now blessed by the perfect opportunity to die.
This is the most favorable place to die to knock down England and America and for the Great Plan of a Hundred Years for East Asia, and in its turn the happiness for humankind and for the foundation of world peace.
With this my physical body leaves this world eternally.
Yet my soul lives forever.
I go to Yasukuni and wait for your there. When the occasion presents itself come to meet meˇÄ.
To everyone.

Masumi Kusunose

Masumi Kusunose Mikoto
Chief Petty Officer, Japanese Navy
Killed in Action on October 12, 1943 in the Direction of New Britain Island
Born in Hewa-mura, Takaoka-gun, Kochi Prefecture
Age: 23