Final Words

With due reverence, through the Imperial command I set out to chastise the foreign enemy. There is no greater long-cherished desire for a man. The long-awaited day has finally come. I will not return alive to set foot on the land of our ancestors but happily change into a guardian god of the state. I therefore leave these words for you.

-I am grateful to the Imperial favor and I pray for the prosperity of the Imperial Household.
-To die in battle is the long cherished desire of a soldier. Do not grieve about my death.
-You are an honorable surviving family. Do not be concerned about the comments by
the general public.
-Siblings must help one another and discharge your filial duties to Mother.

Mother, please forgive my undutifulness to you for more than twenty years. I pray for your health.
Encourage Shinya to become a soldier.

Do not think that there is tomorrow for me because I am alive today.
I am a soldier, like the ancient military guards of the Empire.
Do not grieve for me who scatters like cherry blossoms;
I go to the Shrine of Yasukuni with a smile on my face.

To Mother, Older Brother, Older Sister.

Toshihiko Kume Mikoto
Command Sergeant Major, Japanese Army
Killed in Action on November 20, 1944 in Sankanan, Mindanao Island, Philippines
Born in Nishi-Sakurajima-mura, Kagoshima-gun, Kagoshima Prefecture
Age: 25