Last Words

Mother, I write to you for the last time.
Since enlisting, and until today, I have been unable to do anything with the semblance of filial devotion and have only been a recipient of your kindness.
During that historic capture of Hong Kong, I fell victim to an illness. It was extremely embarrassing for a son of Japan and a soldier of the nation for having done so. For several nights I lay sleeplessly upon the hospital bed with tears of sadness in my eyes.
The capture of Sumatra is over, and again the time for the final service to the nation to remove the disgrace of Hong Kong has come.
I believe that it is not too long away when you can meet me at Yasukuni Shrine.
I ask for your understanding.
Having written this, there is nothing more for me to say.
Please also tell my brothers and sisters and others that I died happily.
Well, then, I happily look forward to our meeting again at Yasukuni Shrine.

To: Mother

Seizo Kiyomizu Mikoto
Corporal, Japanese Army
Killed in Action on January 16, 1943 on the eastern side of the Segilau River,
Guadalcanal Island
Born in Shimada-cho, Shita-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture
Age: 24