Last Message

To: My Parents,

I am always grateful to you for letting Sachiko, who was all alone, to come to Northern Manchuria. I did not devote myself to you in the least but only caused you worries. Please forgive me. To Sachiko, who was separated from her husband at a young age, to Tomiko, who parted from her father while an infant, and to the child who will be born next spring, I ask that you be a good father, mother, grandfather and grandmother, and raise them to be fine citizens of Japan as a soldier”Ēs widow and orphans. I have no worries and I can die with a smile on my face.

To Sachiko,

For two years since our marriage, while it is usual for a soldier to be away, I did not treat you with great affection as a husband should, and I apologize from parting from you. Look after your health, be devoted to Father and Mother, and raise the children to be promising young people. Always remember that you are the wife of a person who has become one of the many kami of Yasukuni, think of your children, cultivate yourself and acquire womanly virtues. Let us next meet in the precincts of the shrine of Yasukuni.

To Tomiko and the child who will be born next spring,
While it is regrettable that you do not know your father, build up your constitution, be mindful of what Mother says and become fine citizens of Japan. Mother, who was separated from Father at a young age, lived courageously for your sake and endured every possible suffering. Devote yourselves fully to her and always treat her kindly. Father is always praying for your happiness.

Kenzo Maeda Mikoto
2nd Lieutenant, Japanese Army
Killed in action on February 24, 1944 in the direction of the central Pacific
Born in Ichinomiya-cho, Suzuka-shi, Mie Prefecture
Age: 32