A Report of the Present Conditions From Iwojima

Dear Sir,
I trust that you have returned safely.
As you have already learned from the newspapers, during the large-scale air raid, three days after you left your command, one of our commanders bravely crashed himself into a B-24 and splendidly brought it down. From the command postion the words °»banzai°… escaped from my lips. We tell each other that this is something that we wanted to by all means show you once before leaving your command.
After that about 30 planes, a new record, came by. With the improvement of our HA firing accuracy, the enemy°«s altitude is becoming higher and the damage is lessening. The weather is also slowing improving. The general state of health has become favorable and moral is greatly heightened.
We are particularly inspired by the achievements of the suicide attacks by the Kamikaze special attack corps that are recently taking place one after another. We are all burning with enthusiasm to offer ourselves to close in upon the enemy.
I am happy to report that on November 1 I was promoted to Lieutenant. Please rest assured that I will do my best°ń.
Last night the 2nd searchlight antiaircraft unit splendidly found and shot at the enemy and received words of commendation and so forth from the commander, and the gradual improvement of the competency of each unit has been recognized. This is completely the result of devoted efforts based on the lessons from Commander Wachi, and we have only gratitude for you.
With the scheduled increase of 24 in the near future on also North XX Island, preparations for departure will be complete.
These are our present conditions.

November 3.
Yosaburo Takano

Captain Wachi

Yosaburo Takano Mikoto
Lieutenant Commander, Japanese Navy
Killed in Action on March 17, 1945 on Iwojima
Born in Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture
Age: 40