From the Start I Do Not Expect to Return Alive

ˇˇFather and Mother,

ˇˇ I have not repaid your kindness of so many years.
ˇˇ While rejoicing over the important mission that shoulders the fate of our country upon this body of mine, I am preparing for my attack.
While enduring the wait for the arrival of my providential aircraft, this is the very time to clear away the regrets of the past.
There is nothing that compares with the sadness of being the only one left after the passing of my seniors and my classmates, and today I seek to fight hard to avenge them.
From the time of my birth I yearned for the glory of the skies. Having been reared by the skies of Hamamatsu, I was indescribably happy.
I was most willful and simply undutiful. To make matters worse I regret for having to die before you. I believe that I am living the eternal great cause as the protector of the country. Please forgive me.
From the start I do not expect to return alive. Even if this body of mine falls at the ends of the south seas, I am burning with the resolve to be reborn seven times and strike the enemy.
I ask that you extend my best regards to those who have helped me from an early age.
I believe that it is the greatest joy to set out on this glorious attack with my seniors who are like my brothers.
I will descend on the enemy courageously.
Sincerely yours,

Seijirou Moriwaki Mikoto
First Lieutenant, Japanese Army
Killed in Action on April 12, 1945 in the Direction of the Okinawa Islands
Born in Nagakami-mura, Hamana-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture
Age: 23