Last Writing

Please do forgive me for not having written to you for so long. I am most happy that you are always in fine spirits. I am also well.
It is finally time for my attack. I truly thank you for my long twenty-five years of life. I will live for the eternal great cause.
As for my circumstances until now at the Takuma squadron, please hear from the aviation students that I trained since they have now gone to the Ootsu naval aviation squadron.
Well then, please live happily for ever and ever.
Father, Mother, Sachiko, Satoshi, Eiko, Chi, good-bye to you all.
To Everyone,
As for my belongings, only the wicker trunk will be sent later.
I will have the aviation students bring the suitcase to our home when they are on leave. Please treat them kindly when they come over. After learning only the landing gear procedures, their training was canceled. While it is regrettable this cannot be helped.
Please extend my best to also everyone at the normal school.
My best regards to Aunty Kawase and Aunty Ikai.

Mamoru Usumoto Mikoto     
Lieutenant, Japanese Navy
Killed in Action on May 4, 1945 in the Direction of the Nansei Islands
Born in Shimoheizo-cho, Ootsu-shi, Shiga Prefecture
Age: 25