Last Words

To have received a place to die in battle for His Majesty is a long-cherished desire for a son of the Empire and surely there is nothing that surpasses this.
After growing up I had gone far away and lived apart from you. To die without doing anything that resembles filial devotion is most shameful.
I sincerely ask that you will do your best to deal with the situation after my death since our family has its hands full.
For Kyouko too, we have been married for just over four months and I feel that it is most pitiful that she lose her husband. Nevertheless, before going to the front I have thoroughly talked with her and I believe that she has already made up her mind, but I ask that you manage things after fully consulting her.
No matter in what land my life should end, I sincerely pray for the eternity of the Empire and the prosperity of our family.
Finally, while I am unworthy to follow my father”Ēs shoes as a noble soul of the nation, I ask that you will forgive me for going before you.
Please take good care of yourself.
I pray for your happiness from afar.
April 29, 1944
Toshio Oka
To: Mother

Toshio Oka Mikoto
Private First Class, Japanese Army
Killed in Action on June 9, 1945 in Mindanao, Philippines
Born in Shimotsui-machi, Kojima-gun, Okayama Prefecture
Age: 28