Do Your Very Best

Thank you for your letter. I wanted to reply sooner but I had very little time and this letter to you has become so late. I”Ēm sorry.
Since you are all good children both Father and I are very happy.
From now on be even better children, help Mother and let the other Father and the others feel reassured.
Did Hisao get well? He must have gotten thin because he had diarrhea for so long I am worried about him. How is Kuniko-can? She probably speaks a lot by now.
Yattu-chan, you are probably going to school by now. How is school? While you are still not used to things there are probably unpleasant days and hardships but in a little while school will gradually become interesting. Do your best in order to not be outdone by the people in Takeo.
Even if it is just for a short time each day, don”Ēt fail to sit at your desk for preparations and reviews of your lessons. If you make your best effort to prepare and review each day your studies will become even more interesting and you will make progress.
Yattu-chan, from now is the most important time for you so if there are things that you don”Ēt know ask Masaru-san or Nozomi-chan or Teru-chan and devote yourselves to your studies.
I am determined to do my very best until we will the war.
Please be in the best of spirits.
To: Yattu-chan

Kinue Tachikawa Mikoto””””””””””
Civilian in Naval Service (Student)
Death from War Wounds on August 23, 1945 in Legal Domicle Due to Atomic Bomb
Born in Tachibana-mura, Kishima-gun, Saga Prefecture
Age: 19