Last Message

Older Brother is bathed in the glory of taking part in the fighting line of the Greater East Asia War and I set out in high spirits.
From the start I do not in the least hope to return alive.
After I am gone I hope that in my place you will thoroughly perform our filial duties to our parents who devoted their lifetimes to our upbringing.
Even if Older Brother is killed in action you must never, never cry.
You must be a hundred times more courageous, cooperate with one another and work for the prosperity and enhancement of our family°«s name.
Older Brother sincerely prays for your good health.
June 24, 1943
From: Older Brother
To: My younger brothers and sisters

Hachiro Nakanishi Mikoto
Sergeant Major, Japanese Army
Killed in Action on September 14, 1943 Near Lae, eastern New Guinea
Born in Kida-mura, Watarai-gun, Mie Prefecture
Age: 23