Do Not Shed Tears for Me

The heat of the summer has passed and it feels a bit cooler.
Since my last writing I trust that you are getting along well.
Thanks to you I am in increasingly good health, so please do not worry about me.
While I had lived in obscurity until now, an opportunity has arrived and I will be transferred to a certain region.
Father and Mother and San-chan and Yoshi-chan, please be particularly mindful about your health, and I hope that San-chan and Yoshi-chan will devote themselves to their studies in good spirits.
As I set out for the front, I am determined to make a contribution that is worthy as a soldier, so please do not worry. Finally, I especially ask that if in the course of this sacred conflict I should perish, you be sure not to shed tears for me even while at home.
This is my sole request as I set out.
There would be no greater happiness for me than if you would accept my passing with a smile on your face. I earnestly ask that you do not shed tears for me.
This is a hastily written letter to inform you of my circumstances.
We are scheduled to leave port next year. Please be in good spirits.
I set out in high spirits.
The end.

August 19, 1938
To: Father and Mother

Terutaro Ando Mikoto     
Stoker First Class, Japanese Navy
Killed in Action on October 16, 1938 in Seisokuzan, Kohoku Province, Republic of China
Born in Toyotsu-mura, Miyako-gun, Fukuoka Prefecture
Age: 24