To Elder Brother at the Front

In the sound of insects singing in the grass one can feel the arrival of early fall even more.
Elder Brother, thank you for your letter the other day.
Miya-chan and I are fine as usual and attending to our duties, so please do not worry about us.
The weather here is about the autumn equinox in the homeland and it has become very bearable.
Since arriving our days have been busy with many things, but we have gotten quite used to our work and we are happy here.
Elder Brother, when you next write to me please use the given address.
The 496 unit is very sufficient to get to me, so please use it as the address.
The time to end has come. I”Ēll write again.
Please look after your health and do your best.
Sincerely yours,

Katsu Yukawa Mikoto
Civilian Employee of the Army (Nurse)
Death From a Disease Contracted at the Front on November 30, 1945
After Returning to the Homeland at Legal Domicile
Born in Kawaji-mura, Nakauonuma-gun, Niigata Prefecture
Age: 24