There Is No Greater Honor

At this time of the Japanese Empire”Ēs emergency there is no greater honor than for this junior officer to receive a place to die.
I humbly offer my cheers for the long reign of the Emperor.
I sincerely offer my gratitude to all who have helped me during my twenty-three years of life: to the kindness of my deceased Father, Mother and our family, and to my elementary school and middle school teachers, and to my instructors, senior officers and my seniors in the navy to whom I am most indebted.
I feel most sorry for the bereaved family of Petty Officer Kamita who is flying with me.
Finally, I feel most ashamed that my death will not return even one ten-thousandth of the Imperial favor.

Masaji Yokoyama
Lt. Junior Grade, Japanese Navy

Masaji Yokoyama Mikoto
Lt. Commander Japanese Navy
Killed in Action on December 8, 1941 in the Direction of Hawaii
Born in Shimoarata-machi, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture
Age: 23