To My Daughters

To: Akiyo and Yasuko,
Since Mother is ill, when Father has died, to not cause you worry, we will have Grandmother raise you.
Akiyo, since you are older you should look after your things by yourself.
By all means make it your habit to never ask others to do things for you except for what you cannot do on your own.
Yasuko, I ask that you grow up while listening to Grandmother, Mother, Uncle and Aunty.
And, I ask that you spend your lives on good terms with each other because you have no other siblings.
Please look after your health.
Do not think of your body as being your own.
Think that God has given you your body for the sake of the world.
Well then, Father is protecting you at all times.
From: Father

Susumu Yamada Mikoto
Corporal, Japanese Army
Death From a Disease Contracted at the Front on February 15, 1946
in Ussuri Province, Soviet Union
Born in Suwa-cho, Yodobashi-ku, Tokyo Metropolis
Age: 40