My Homeland

My homeland.
How beautiful the flowers that bloom each season; there are birds that sing, mountains and the sea.
How grand the Pacific Ocean;the scene of the high waves of midsummer come to mind.
The camellias bloom. And red flowers bloom.
I remember the those days when I drew pictures under the these beautiful trees.
While licking on my paint brush to soften it, I drew my childish picture.
I also fished for carp at Yunoda.
I remember the those days when I was scolded for playing in the rice field?
O ocean! How majestic are your roaring waves.
From childhood I was raised by the seashore and came to feel close to the truly great sea.
The sounds of the crashing waves will continue eternally from ancient times to the future.
O my homeland. Be infinitely happy.
And for ever and ever bring up the children of this country.
O people of my birthplace,
Please be pure to the end of time.

(From: Posthumous Writings, Hamayu—A Poem Collection)

Setsuya Kokubo Mikoto
Lieutenant, Japanese Navy
Killed in Action on April 16, 1945 in the Nansei Islands
Born in Iragomisaki-mura, Atsumi-gun, Aichi Prefecture
Age: 24