Takamasa will splendidly say “Long live the Emperor!” with a smile and for the sake of the fatherland I will go to die in the south.
When I think of the boundless love that you have bestowed on me for more than twenty years, I feel so fortunate and I have nothing but gratitude in my heart.
In exchange for this, when I think of my worthless self, who did nothing to return my parents’ love, I am most saddened and cry from my heart. Please forgive me for my sin of undutifulness.
Takamasa now becomes an ogre, who destroys his archrival of America, and, who sheds his precious blood that changes into the soil of the Philippines.
Thank you for your kindness of many years. I ask that you look after things after I am gone.
From a grave in a faraway foreign land I pray that Mother is in good health and will live a long life.
I deeply apologize for being a poor Older Brother and Younger Brother to Older Sister and Younger Sister.

I have not borrowed or lent money.
I have no connections with women.
                                           In the Philippines
                                        Takamasa Mukaigawa
To: Mother

There are no regrets at all in my heart upon seeing today’s evening sky.
I now burn only with rage and offer my life to completely sweep the enemy away.

Takamasa Mukaigawa Mikoto

Medical Corps Sergeant, Japanese Army
Killed in Action on May 17, 1945 in Nueva Vizcaya, Luzon, Philippines
Born in Isurugi-cho, Nishitonami-gun, Toyama Prefecture
Age: 26