Pledge to Father and Mother

1.To atone for my many years of undutifulness to my parents, I sincerely pledge to
  work for the sake of our country to the extent of reducing my body to powder,
  and I will serve my parents with heart and soul.
2. I will never again make Father and Mother worry. I will look after my health and
  I will always be in good spirits and work cheerfully and earnestly.
3. I will always be a good example for my younger brother and sister, guide them
  well, and we three siblings will, one and all, be dutiful to our parents.
4. From this day I call out to my parents, “Father,” “Mother,” and I pledge to be

May 22, 1945

Hiroyuki Wada

「This body is received from my parents.
To take it upon me not to harm it is the start of filial piety.」

「Parents’ feelings for their child exceeds a child’s feelings for his parents.
    What will they think about the arrival of this day?」

Hiroyuki Wada Mikoto
Aviation Petty Officer 2rd Class, Japanese Navy
Killed in Action on June 10, 1945,
During an Air Raid at the Tsuchiura Naval Air Corps
Born in Shinmachi, Takasaki-shi, Gumma Prefecture
Age: 19