Father and Mother

For the long span of more than twenty years I have simply received your kindness and help.
Hiroshi now offers his life for His Majesty and the country as the cornerstone to build Greater East Asia.
I ask that you forgive my sin of undutifulness of dying before you and for greatly failing to discharge my filial duties.
However, when entering the military I was already prepared for what I am saying today.
Father, Mother, even when you hear that Hiroshi has been killed in action, I ask that you by no means grieve over my death.
There is no way of knowing how many far more unfortunate people there are in the world.
I sincerely ask that you will look after Masako and Etsuko.
Hiroshi has no intention of dying a cowardly death, so please firmly believe in that alone.
So, with the serenity in my heart from knowing that I will meet you at Yasukuni with the blooming cherry blossoms, I offer my life to the fatherland.
I ask that you extend my best regards to our relatives and to the neighbors.
To: Father and Mother

Hiroshi Yasuda Mikoto
Private First Class, Japanese Army
Killed in Action on July 1, 1945, on Mt. Canguipot in Leyte, Philippines
Born in Ishige-machi, Yuki-gun, Ibaragi Prefecture
Age: 24