Grow Up in Peace

My dear Yoshiko, Kyoko, Mitsuko and Kazuyo,
Do not be sad that Father is not with you. Father died an honorable death in a holy war. You do not know your father very well when he was alive in this world. Yoshiko and also Kyoko have so little an impression of me that they will eternally never remember me. Nevertheless, Father has vivid impressions of your healthy and darling faces.
When at my workplace (training place) and at the battlefront I felt full of energy when your dear faces came to mind.
Father has not the least apprehensions since all of you are in good health and have no physical defects. I can peacefully die in action.
Oh, children! Grow up in peace°ń. When you grow up follow Mother°«s wishes, do not dishonor Father and live courageously as a fine woman of Japan.
May you sisters join together in harmony and protect your mother°ń.
°»When you miss Father, go to Yasukuni Shrine°… is what Father also saw even in a movie. That°«s really what it is! Being honorable children of the deceased, they will allow you to meet me at the shrine. At that time proudly come to Kudan°ń.
This is all I have to say. Grow up soundly and properly!
From: Father
To: My Darling Children

Kiyoshi Tamura Mikoto°°°°°°°°
Lieutenant, Japanese Navy
Killed in Action on October 27, 1944, off Samar Island, East of Leyte Island, Philippines
Born in Takita-mura, Awa-gun, Chiba Prefecture
Age: 44