Last Message

Takumi will take his leave before you.
For more than twenty years you cared for me with unsurpassed love.
I have not in the least returned the favor for having raised me, which is higher than the mountains and deeper than the seas, and I have only caused you worries, but the time to return one ten-thousandth of your favor has arrived.
I have been selected to be the commander of the glorious Hakko squadron, and it is the long-cherished desire of a man to become a corpse that is soaked by the water of the South Seas. I have nothing but gratitude and elation in my heart.
I believe in the certain victory of the Japanese Empire.
I pray for the eternal prosperity of the Imperial Throne.
I wait for you at Yasukuni Shrine.
I sincerely pray that you will live in happiness.
November 30, 1944
Takumi Yamamoto

Takumi Yamamoto Mikoto
Major, Japanese Army
Killed in Action on December 7, 1944, in the Vicinity of Leyte Island, Philippines
Born in Maehara-cho, Itojima-gun, Fukuoka Prefecture
Age: 21