I Will Set Out in Good Spirits

I am finally able to welcome the New Year of my fourth year on the mainland.
Early in the New Year I will be going on a mission in a certain area. I have again been blessed by an opportunity to work for the nation.
I will set out in good spirits.
I hope everyone is well. Please wait for the story of my travels.
From time to time please visit the graves of my deceased fellow soldiers.
I will send you all my unneeded things by railway.
Contained will be tattered socks and shirts, so please mend and use them.
While nothing in there is fabulous, it might be of some use.
Since it is scheduled to have things that were not well kept or washed, I ask that you will take care of them.
Please look after your health, work hard and devote yourselves to your studies.
I will write again.
Yours in haste,
Masaharu Tsukahara

Etsuko Tsukahara,
It can’t be helped if you have already sent snacks to go with the sake, but if you still haven’t done so, please do not send them.

Masaharu Tsukahara Mikoto     
Ensign, Japanese Navy
Killed in Action on January 20, 1945, on the Seas South of Taiwan
Born in Oaza Sakae-cho, Aomori-shi, Aomori Prefecture
Age: 25