I Am Resolved to Live for the Great Cause

At the start of the 2604 year of the Imperial reign, I offer my best wishes for the New Year.
I am happy by the fact that you are probably enjoying ever-increasing good health.
The war situation is said to be even more acute, and while it is the first day of the year all has been forgotten. We cannot celebrate the New Year and my mind is always on the battlefield.
The enemy°«s circumstances are changing rapidly and he is now attacking within point-blank range.
It may be that this is my last message to you, but I am resolved to never die in vain.
I am currently serving in a certain important post. Many of my subordinates may die.
I will not allow them to die alone.
I leave my fate to XX and as long as I am alive, I will advance to annihilate a hundred million arch rivals.
Having lived away from you at an early age, I very much regret that I have not discharged the least of my filial duties to you and I cannot forget this. Nevertheless, I am resolved to live for the great cause.
Please give my regards to Older Brother and Younger Brother. Please do the same for our neighbors.
Furthermore, when I have been killed in action, tell only Mr. Ito about it.
This is my last message to you. I say goodbye.
With kind regards.

Yoshinao Hashizume Mikoto
Major, Japanese Army
Killed in Action on Feburary 24, 1945, in eastern New Guinea°°°°
Born in Itakura-mura, Nakakubiki-gun, Niigata Prefecture°°
Age: 25