You Must Not Shed Tears for Me

Father and Mother,
Even if my writing is poor, when I think about the fact that I will not see you again upon going to the battlefront and that I am now qualified to write to you with my whole heart, my heart is indeed filled with gratitude.
Since middle school I aspired to be an aviator, and without waiting for permission I had caused you many worries. The decisive battle will be bloody. Last summer when aviation preparatory students were being recruited from the entire student body in the joy that I felt when you allowed me to apply I felt the pulse of the blood of utmost sincerity and loyalty that has come from generations of our ancestors.
Yet time passes quickly and a year has passed, and as a warship attack officer I will be shortly flying into the skies of my final mission. From the start I do not expect to return alive°ń.
When I think back, you had provided me with an education until this age and I had lived under your parental affection. I was most happy.
To return your kindness I can only offer my life for the country and die honorably. By so doing, I am sure that you will find joy in this fact.
Even when you hear that Kazufumi has been killed in action, you must never shed tears for me.
If you will only say to Kazufumi°«s picture, °»You did well,°… I will proudly wave my hands and go to Yasukuni Shrine.
If we young officers do not do our best are there any others who will return Japan to her former times?
My memories are endless. And to the extent that I think of them my heart is full of emotion. I pray that you will forgive my undutifulness until now.
Father and Mother, please take care of yourselves and live your remaining years.
August 2, 1944 In the drawing room at 4:30 p.m.
To Father and Mother
When setting out on my mission
Kazufumi Amano, Japanese Navy Ensign

Kazufumi Amano Mikoto
Lieutenant Commander, Japanese Navy
Killed in Action on March 19, 1945, in the Seas Southeast of Kyushu
Born in Kurotaki-mura, Yoshino-gun, Nara Prefecture
Age: 25