Last Message

Father and Mother, Taro will die before you.
I ask that you forgive me for the sin of undutifulness to you for your twenty-three years of benevolence that is unrequited.
I suppose that you were resolved to my fate from the time that I had entered the service.
Taro is neither Father’s child or Mother’s child. He is His Majesty’s child. At the age of twenty-one Taro left the Nagasaki family.
At our family there is Tadashi and my brothers. The future of the Nagasaki family is wonderful.
Mitsue, I ask that you will help Mother.
I am sorry that I could do nothing for my siblings as an older brother.
I ask that from now on you do my share and that you are on good terms and are dutiful to our parents.
Be mindful of your health and live happily.
I have nothing more to say. I pray for the health and happiness of the Nagasaki family.

January 5, 1943
                     Taro Nagasaki

To: the Nagasaki family ancestors
Takeo Nagasaki
Tamano Nagasaki
Mitsue Nagasaki
Tadashi Nagasaki
Tetsuya Nagasaki
Toshiyuki Nagasaki
Masayuki Nagasaki

Taro Nagasaki Mikoto    
First Lieutenant, Japanese Army
Killed in Action on April 16, 1945, in New Guinea
Born in Fukuma-cho, Munakata-gun, Fukuoka Prefecture
Age: 25