Walk the Honest Path

Anyone, who is born in the Great Empire of Japan, must have the desire to return that favor.
Through the honorable summons I become a member of the Imperial Army. It is the long-cherished desire of a man.
I do not expect to return alive and I leave my last words to you.
My only instructions are that you walk the honest path as a wife and a child.
Man is the lord of creation.
At any time properly advance on the path of a human being.
My wish for you is not wealth and honors but only that you will lead a decent life.
Kiyoyuki, whatever path you desire, I ask that you fulfill this duty.
Carry out your obligations as a child. To begin with, be in good health.
Jitsue, you are the mother of a child and the child of a parent.
My only hope is that in addition to developing the character of your child, you will devote yourself to your duties as a child.
This is the end of my instructions to you.

April 29, 1944
                                     Written by Kiyoshi Nakamoto
To: Kiyoyuki , Jitsue

Kiyoshi Nakamoto Mikoto
Medical Corps Corporal, Japanese Army
Killed in Action on July 5, 1945, in northeast Managok, Bukidnon Providence,
Mindanao Island, Philippines
Born in Kitahonmachi-tori, Fukiai-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo Prefecture
Age: 32