Can You Write Your Name?

Akiko-chan, you seem to have become such a good child.
Father is so happy for you.
You are playing well with Michiko.
Please listen well to what Grandfather, Grandmother and Mother say and become an even finer child.
Father is well and has become a soldier, and I am watching you from here.
Your coloring is very good.
Please color more and more and try to draw something by yourself.
Can you write your name?
Is it still too hard to do so?
I will again share with you many good stories.
Please say hello to Michiko and Junko.
From: Father

To: Akiko-chan

Masaru Yoshida Mikoto
Seaman, Japanese Navy
Killed in Action on August 10, 1944, in the Direction of the Mariana Islands
Born in Tabata-cho, Kita-ku, Tokyo Metropolis
Age: 36