To My Charming Little Sister

Yasu-chan, thank you for your letter,which brought me fond memories.
Having set out as an industrial warrior, Older Brother is happy from the bottom of his heart. Since you have by nature an unyielding spirit, I am confident that you can put up with a bit of discomfort and difficulty, and work for the sake of the country.
The money that is enclosed is very little, but I ask that you accept it as Older Brother’s heartfelt congratulatory gift. No matter what difficulty you may encounter, preserve with youthfulness and enthusiasm. Your work will get the worse of you if you constantly brood and complain.
We Japanese people are happy and proud for having been born in His Majesty’s land, so we joyfully confront difficulty. Your environment has changed, there are constrained circumstances, difficulties, and you suddenly find yourself away from your parents, lonely and so forth, and there are unseen opponents who hamper you. Nevertheless, Yasu-chan is a child of the Mikami family.
Your three older brothers are serving the nation as excellent soldiers. Although you are a woman, advance with your strong unyielding spirit that refuses to be outdone by your brothers.
Since you are Japanese, you must never forget your indebtedness to the Emperor, and next, how much your parents have done for you. No matter how busy they may be, your aged parents are always thinking about Yasu-chan from our home in Kuchiba. Use your spare time to write to home….

Your two older brothers on the battlefield are in good spirits, so please do not worry. Older Brother is now busy raising dear young eagles(student pilot), but I am extremely well. What you must be most mindful of is that injury to yourself is a great act of disloyalty to the nation. That is why you must be very careful when working. When you have managed to become accustomed to your task there is an unguarded moment for error. Be most cautious and prudent.
Last but not least, I pray for Yasu-chan’s good health.
To my charming little sister.          

From Older Brother
Instructor’s Office 12th Squad Suzuka Naval Aviation Corps Mie Prefecture

Shunji Mikami Mikoto
Naval Aviation Warrant Officer
Killed in Action on October 12, 1944, in Taiwan
Born in Kuchiba-mura, Ochi-gun, Shimane Prefecture
Age: 22